During the podium ceremony and closure of the last European championships which took place in Santa Maria Major, Italy, Jean-Pierre Talbot vacated his position of ICF President  and handed it to his friend and current Vice-president , Yvon Lasbleiz.

Indeed, Jean-Pierre Talbot decided to stop competing as a result of an injury to his dog during training (ruptured ligaments) . As he is now approaching the grand old age of 75 and his dog now 7, the President decided that it was time to pass on the torch, since out of competition he felt his heart would not be fully in the events. Here is a beautiful example of humility and dedication to the cause of the ICF.

The logic is to be respected. On one hand, Yvon Lasbleiz has the experience and the skills to assure this function and he deserves this mission. On the other, after Switzerland and Belgium the Presidency returns to France, one of the three founding countries of the ECF which became the ICF.

Jean-Pierre/Tintin assures us he is to remain in the service of the ICF and assume the tasks which will be allocated to him.

On 04/16/2016, ECF has changed its name and became ICF (International Canicross & Bike-Joëring Federation).

Our articles of association and our rules are not being amended.


European Championship 2019

Chevetogne: 16 - 21 oktober 

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