I come with these words to thank all the people who from near or far have allowed the realization and success of these 1st World Championships of the International Canicross Federation and more particularly:

- The Committee of the International Canicross Federation for their involvement.

- The Mayor and the municipality of Bierawa, supported by the municipality of Lubieszow

- The Polish Association of Sleddog Sports.

- All the nations affiliated to the International Canicross Federation and those invited for giving value to these World Championships by their presence.

- Miroslaw Piecko for his commitment.

- Katarzyna Kostka and Anna Wodzinska for their precious help.

- Ivana and her team of the Technical Commission for their professionalism.

- All volunteers without whom nothing would be possible.

To all the human and canine athletes and especially to the medallists all my warmest congratulations for the sporting feat you have achieved.

I compliment you for the symbol of self-transcendence that it represents. You give by your good example, an immense courage to all the international members practicing our disciplines.

Your success speaks to us better than any other. Everyone knows that your performance is not due to chance. It is the result of continuous efforts which are now finding their culmination and their reward.

You had the courage to persevere, to never give up and that's why your podiums are so beautiful, so rich in teaching.

So once again, congratulations and thank you for your performance, which reflects by your fame, on the International Canicross Federation, your respective federations and the mono-dog sport.

Long live the sport

Yvon Lasbleiz

President of the International Canicross Federation