Dear ICF members,
We have noticed a lot of questions conserning location of ICF WC 2018 in Poland. We would like to clarify this misunderstanding. The official trails of ICF WC 2018 are located in the area of Lubieszów village. The Bierawa city is the closest city to Lubieszów village (about 5km) and the mayor of Bierawa city had taken an official patronage over our WC.
You are invited to enter to an official website on which we are sending all newest info about the race. Unfortunatelly for now this page is only in polish but in next few days it is planned to be translated also in english and french. On the bottom of this page there is a link to Google Maps with the exact location of the trails of WC 2018 in Poland. We hope that now everything is much more understandable and we are very sorry for this misunderstanding.